Burnley 0-3 Manchester, Haaland helped team to secure first league win

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  • Burnley 0-3 Manchester Haaland helped team to secure first league win

Haaland scored twice in the opening game between Manchester City and Burnley. He scored early goal that came four minutes into the game while scoring the second at 33 minutes in the first half. While Rodrigo Hernandez scored the last goal to complete it 3-0 at 75 minutes of the game.

Burnley never looked like mounting a late comeback, but Rodri ensured there was to be no late drama as he blasted home from close range from a set-piece to put the result beyond bout.


Manchester City have just climbed the Premier League table with 3 points, giving a good chance and opportunity to celebrate their first win.

Opening weekends are the best time for hyperbole, but on the evidence of that display against – admittedly a newly-promoted side – can anyone topple them this season?

The home side are trying their hardest to have something to show from their work tonight. Pressure leads to a corner but they’re unable to capitalise.

Guardiola’s side are masters of the game in this state. Burnley will need to force their visitors out of their comfort zone in the last 10 minutes.

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