EPL: Don’t compare Man Utd to Arsenal – Bruno Fernandes

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Manchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, has refused to compare his team to Arsenal.

The Gunners currently top the Premier League after winning seven fixtures out of eight.

United is, however, enduring a stop-start season and lost 6-3 to Manchester City last weekend.

When asked how United currently compares to Arsenal, Fernandes responded: “We don’t have to focus on anyone else, we have to focus on ourselves. That has been the problem for the club in previous years that we want to compare ourselves with other teams, but we can’t do that.

“We have to do the best we can for this club because this club deserves to be at the top. But we have to look at ourselves, we have to look inside and understand the problems, the mistakes, and what we can improve.

“You can’t change anything away from here. You can change what you do here, on the day-by-day, in the training sessions, in games, you can do different things for yourself, for your team, and that is what we have to think about – not about Arsenal, Liverpool or whoever.

“We have to think about ourselves, doing the best we can, winning every game that we have in our hands and the future will say where we are in the table whether it’s first, second, third or even lower.”

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