EPL: You’re wasting players – Van Basten slams Chelsea

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Dutch manager, Marco van Basten has criticised the size of Chelsea’s squad, saying they are just too many at Stamford Bridge.

He feels that players like Hakim Ziyech are being wasted when they could thrive elsewhere.

“There should actually be a rule that clubs can only have a certain number of players,” he told Ziggo Sport.

“So they [Chelsea] have way too many and that actually makes football less interesting. A player like Ziyech could just play at another club and entertain the fans”

The former AC Milan star pointed out that some teams have as much as 35 players in their squad and about five or six of those players are not playing while they could easily excel at other clubs.

“All competitions must be reduced to eighteen clubs. Then you play a few fewer matches. Then you can’t use more than, say, 26 players during the season.

“You see that it is possible. At Real Madrid, for example. They just have a normal selection and just eighteen to twenty players who always play. So in principle that should be possible,” he said.

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