Following a busy few months, Harry Kane is looking forward to settling into his new role at Bayern Munich.

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The last few days have been crazy for Harry Kane, who used to play for Tottenham Hotspur.

After a lot of back and forth about his move to Bayern Munich, the Englishman got on a plane, signed a contract with the German champion, and played in his first game, a 3-0 loss to RB Leipzig in the DFL-Supercup.

Kane didn’t have much time to think about everything, but at his first press appearance, the 30-year-old was able to talk about the last few days.

“Yesterday, the team got off to a bad start. We gave up an early goal, which is never easy, and I think that hurt some of the players’ morale. I see people who are very skilled and have great personalities. Kane said (as recorded by @iMiaSanMia): “I hope that if I join the team, I can bring a little more leadership and we can help the team.” “It was a let-down. When you lose at home, it’s especially upsetting, but I’ll try to push the team to a higher level over time.

No matter what happened on Saturday, all Kane wants is to win titles with Bayern Munich.

“This season, I want to try to win every title we have. At Bayern Munich, this is the goal we want to see hit. Kane said, “I think the club will be a little disappointed if we don’t win every trophy by the end of the season.” It was amazing to see how many people came to see me. I could hear them singing the whole time. I came here to win, but it didn’t work out that way. Don’t worry, there’s a long season ahead. Thank you to the fans, and I hope I can do something to make them cheer.

“One hundred million dollars is a lot. I feel like I have to pay that back. They paid the money to try to do big things, and I want to do big things, so we’re both going in the same direction.”

There isn’t much doubt that the striker who scores a lot of goals will make an impact soon enough to get cheers from fans who can’t wait for the English player to score his first goal in Germany.

“The last few days have been crazy, and this was my first big move. Just being here makes me happy. I hope the best for Tottenham, and I hope the best for Daniel Levy. Kane said, “I’m here now, and I hope I can help the team.” “I’ve always wanted to push myself to the very top. I want to play in the Champions League and try to win a title every year. So, I joined FC Bayern, which is one of the biggest clubs in the world and gives me the chance to do it.”


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