How new FIFA automated VAR disfavored Chelsea

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The semi-automatic VAR machine was first used in the championship league match among Dinamo Zagreb and Chelsea in which the decision made favored the Croatian side and disfavored Chelsea. Meanwhile, the brand new device usage today might be a horrific concept.

Originally it become authorized through FIFA as a device to assist VARs make quicker and greater accurate offside decisions by automatically determining the relative position of the players at the precise moment the ball is played.

In step with contemporary incident, it seems that each teams are not well enlightened about the new tool which made Chelsea upset following the disapproval in their goal.

In the 49th minute of the sport, Chilwell brought a knock from Kovacic and Aubameyang faucets home but the flag is up for offside. And the strike need to have made the sport leveled.

The new look VAR then continued the goal as offside but did not look like the technology used in the Premier League which Chelsea is used to. Instead of displaying the normal pictures of the game, the new VAR displayed a computerized graphic that shows Aubemayang to be offside.

Fifa and UEFA will need to properly orientate teams and players about the new technology not just expecting to adapt to its standard because it will possibly cause more problems this season.

Nevertheless, the deed has been done as Chelsea lost their first UCL game of the season. What can you say about the new automated VAR system?

Credit: Opera News

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