Man City earns three points away from home.

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E Haaland had a fine start tonight by netting twice, firstly, through forcing his foot to a loose nodded ball at Burnley’s defence and a fine curler hitting the top goal post bars and into the net.

Then came Rodri with the third goal after a loose ball came in and had everyone dragging for the ball in Burnley’s 18 yard post then he took the chance to make it three.

Man City dominated through out the game forcing their opponent (Burnley) to bow to their pressure, and also disappointing their fans.

P Foden was restless throughout the match though he couldn’t score goal but he was persistant through out.

We saw a red card after an aggressive tackle from a Burnley player on Man City’s number 2 (Walker) after VAR checked by the referee which led to calling off his yellow card and deciding it was red.

Man City are sitting at the top of the table now after demolishing Burnley.

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