Morocco puts a sports officer and a journalist in jail because of a scam with World Cup 2022 tickets.

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The incident was about how tickets made for Moroccan fans at Qatar 2022 games were changed and sold without permission.

Friday, Morocco’s Casablanca Injunction Court gave sentences to a well-known athlete and a sports writer for a scam involving FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets.

Reports say that both were found guilty of their roles in the manipulation and illegal release of tickets for the highly anticipated semi-final match between Morocco and France at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Mohamed El Haidaoui, the president of the Olympique Safi football club and a member of the board of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), got a one-and-a-half-year jail term and a huge fine of $202,804.

In the same way, sports reporter Adel El Omari, who was the host of Radio Mars in Morocco, got 10 months in jail and a big fine. Reports said that the journalist’s legal team had asked for a delay at first so that they could better prepare their case.

Youssef Khalidi, a member of Haidaoui’s legal team, explained that “the defendants were heard in the file because the court thinks it has enough room in this area.” He made sure to say that “there were no complaints about the formal payments because the FRMF did not file any complaints about the crime of fraud.”

Khalidi said in a statement to Hespress, “There is no complainant in the case.” He also said, “The president of Olympic Safi and his parliamentary friends helped the national football team with their own money.”

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He went on to say that “a complaint has been filed against the person who released the tape against Haidaoui without his permission and without the permission of the relevant judicial bodies.”

In May of this year, the suspects were sent to the public prosecutor at the Casablanca Court of Appeal by the National Brigade of Judicial Police in Morocco. The investigation started because of questions about the “World Cup ticket scandal,” according to the story.

The term was made up to describe the “mysterious disappearance” of some tickets given to Moroccan fans for the Atlas Lions vs. France semi-final game.

Fans were supposed to get these tickets for free at first, with the goal of getting more people to come to the event and improving the spirit of the Moroccan national team.

Tickets for the match between Morocco and France on December 14, 2022, went missing. This caused trouble in Doha, which led Royal Air Maroc to cancel seven flights from Morocco to Qatar for Moroccan fans.

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