Most decorated Nigerian player is who?

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Among his achievements, Mikel Obi won the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the 4x FA Cup, the Olympic Bronze Medal, 2X English Premier League, AFCON 2013, 2X Carabao Cup, Community Shield, and the 2005 Under 20 WC silver ball (behind Lionel Messi).

Former Super Eagles captain, Mikel Obi has talked about his football career. According to the former Chelsea star, he is the most decorated Nigerian footballer. He said this in a podcast with Victor Osimhen on Monday evening.

The statement has since raised an uproar amongst Nigerian football fans, with some attesting to the fact that Mikel Obi is the most decorated while some stood with 47-year old legend, Nwankwo Kanu affirming that Kanu is the most distinguished player in Nigeria’s history.

While on the other, Kanu Nwankwo who some agree is the most outstanding in his active years playing across different football leagues won the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, 3X FA Cup, Olympic Gold Medal, 2X English Premier League, 3X Dutch Eredivisie, 1X Nigerian Premier League, 1X U17 World Cup, 2X African.

However, the most distinctive award between both players is African footballer of the year, something Kanu Nwankwo won twice in his playing time but Obi didn’t get on to be awarded the prestigious award.

Based on your opinion, who is the most decorated for you?

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