NFF gives conditions to pay Super Falcons outstanding monies

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The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has let it be known that it is “broke” as their stalemate with the ladies’ public group over extraordinary monies proceeds.

The football house says it could dispense the assets on the off chance that they get extra installments from FIFA.

This was uncovered by a former media official of the Super Eagles, Colin Udoh, through his Twitter channel.

According to him, the NFF has previously kept in touch with the national government, requesting assets to be endorsed.

Udoh composed: ” Toward the end of last week, I sat down for a moment to talk with NFF president @IbrahimMusaGus1. Among the many inquiries I posed to him were the Super Birds of prey’s remarkable installments.

“He let me know the NFF is destitute, but he would pay them from the league portion of the FIFA World Cup reserves. He likewise referenced that they had mentioned assets from the FG, which had been endorsed, but had not been disbursed at this point.

“Btw, anybody who has managed the Nigerian government (state or FG) will know the expression “endorsement isn’t equivalent to delivery.”.

“I likewise talked with another senior NFF official today in the wake of seeing the @FIFPRO proclamation. Furthermore, he let me know that their contribution doesn’t change anything.

“The players would get compensated for their extraordinary performances once both of those two monies come in first.

“He made sense of that the NFF had not gotten any financing since, and their last installment from FIFA was utilized to settle a piece of the public groups’ mentors compensation (Peseiro and Waldrum). What’s more, the FIFA reserves had previously been reserved for paying the players outstandings.”

Randy Waldrum and his wife have been in conflict with the NFF over neglected compensations and rewards.

This prompted the worldwide players’ association, FIFPRO, to make an announcement on Tuesday in fortitude. That’s what the body noticed: “it is deplorable that players expected to challenge their own organization at such a significant time.”

A THREAD ON @FIFPRO x @NGSuper_Falcons x @thenff
Late last week, I had a chat with NFF president @IbrahimMusaGus1. Among the many questions I asked him was the Super Falcons outstanding payments.
He told me the NFF is flat broke, but would pay them from the federation share…

— Colin NOT Collins 🇳🇬🇺🇸 (@ColinUdoh) August 8, 2023

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