World Cup: FIFA finally reveals why Japan’s goal wasn’t ruled out

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FIFA has finally revealed why Japan’s second goal in their 2-1 victory over Spain in the World Cup was allowed.

The global football governing body has shown evidence that proves the winning goal was legitimate.

Germany were sent packing from the competition after the Asian giant launched an astonishing second half fightback against Spain.

Japan’s victory meant that Germany’s 4-2 win over Costa Rica was ineffective and meaningless.

Japan’s Kaoru Mitoma prevented the ball from going out of play, although initial replays suggested the ball had crossed the byline and his cross met Tanaka, who fired in from a close range.

It has taken the football governing body nearly 24 hours to produce images and video of the angles they used to determine that a goal should have been awarded, vindicating the video assistant referee who ordered that the on field decision be reversed.

The controversial decision, adding to FIFA holding back the decisive images, sparked all manner of conspiracy theories.

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